Birthed from turmoil and distress, Silversyde has been making waves as a band on the rise. Their music is deliberately written to speak to your heart, with powerful music and delivery that will shake your very soul. There’s no mistaking the passion in their lyrics; exposing the pain of bullying, sorrow of loss and reaching out to the misfits of life. This band takes it to the next level by sharing hope through the pain, healing through the loss and freedom from addictions.

With multiple radio releases- two top ten hits and others making appearances on Billboard Rock Charts with their current release for March 2015 ‘Anthem’ at a National position of #7. ‘Circus Circus’ took a chart position of #8 while”Break Away’ #14, Run To You’ #16, and ‘Hush’ #24.

Their long awaited and highly anticipated EP ‘Casting Shadows released March 1, 2015 and has been a fan favorite to date. Silversyde are no strangers to the road as they tour the country a grueling 10 months out of the year, building their fan base, connecting with their audiences and leaving a lasting impression on their listeners!